About ATAW

All Together Arts Week is celebration of the vibrant arts scene in Mercer County, WV. The goal of the event is to highlight and showcase the array of venues, events and activity that happens regularly in the area, and encourage people to discover and take part. The week begins with a social art jam for fun networking, which invites artists and arts organizations to discover one another and form partnerships, and concludes with a Grand Finale Parade and Day of Merriment in downtown Princeton. The rest of the week highlights events that take place at venues all around the county, and encourages people to visit new locations and discover what their community has to offer. Gallery Hops on a special trolley take guests on a tour of the creative venues around the area and encourage friendship building, creative mingling and collaboration. The goal of the event is to stoke cross pollination and stir the pot of the creative scene as well as to raise awareness and appreciation for the arts activity in our area. The Grand Finale Parade, now in its 9th year, is the most colorful and whimsical day of the year on Mercer Street. The day begins at with sidewalk chalk, face painting, costuming and joyous festivity. Anyone is welcome to march in the parade and it makes for a very memorable occasion, marching in full costumed regalia down the middle of the street accompanied by a giant paper mache elephant and a host of other wild imaginings. Costumes, wings, puppets, glitter, and non-motorized floats are welcome and highly encouraged.