Saturday, May 16

11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

*due to the nature of the broadcast, these times are approximate. Please play to tune in early if you'd like to catch a specific event!


Hour 1:

Creative Tour of Mercer County Arts

Hour 2:

Creative Tour around WV

Hour 3:

Discussion: Arts & creative community in the new landscape

Public Art Tours

Discussion: Public Art in WV

Hour 4:

Discussion: Tamarack Foundation for the Arts

Hour 5:

Interview with Elaine McMillion

Writer’s Gathering

Hour 6:

Plein Air Painting Workshop

Art Show

Open Stage

Hour 7:

Live Q&A with Quarantine Life

Grand Finale Parade & Day of Merriment

Peppered throughout:

Artist Features, Music Videos, Special Content & more