ATAW Kick-Off Celebration!

Saturday, May 6th
1 p.m.  
Gary Bowling's House of Art

Our arts scene will be stronger if more of us connect, collaborate, and get to know each other! Explore the AMAZING, wondrous House of Art, get inspired, and MEET NEW FRIENDS & creative collaborators. Be the first to experience the amazing CIRCUS CIRCUS & Resonation Landings as we witness the unveiling of these wondrous works, made possible by Tamarack Foundation for the Arts! We'll hang out, make art, play music & get acquainted in the super art FUN HOUSE that is Gary Bowling's House Of Art, where they are ALWAYS creating. Tamarack Foundation will lead us in a collaborative Zine Making activity. The theme for the zine is “Art to Art.” Anyone who wants to contribute their page to the zine will turn it in at the end of the event with their mailing address. These pages will then be scanned and compiled into the Art to Art zine and a copy will be sent to each contributor. Come to make friends, share ideas, explore collaborations, discover resources and find ways we can make our arts scene more vibrant and connected! There will be refreshments served.